Glenn Fawcett

Executive Director

Alexandra Land  Communications                     Manager    

Alexandra Land

 Communications                     Manager



Raksmey Var

Country Rep Cambodia

  Jon Saalfield

          Grants Manager


Glenn Fawcett • Executive Director

An Australian native, Glenn came to live in India in 1995 where he worked for almost two years as a volunteer before becoming the Director of the White Lotus Sponsorship Program in 1997. For the next seven years, he created and implemented educational and social programs for Tibetan refugees and underserved Indian communities. Lotus Outreach was established almost entirely on the platform of programs and partnerships he developed during that time.

Twelve years later, Glenn spends his time equally between India and Cambodia and continues to live his commitment to social development and justice.



Raksmey Var • Country Representative, Cambodia

Raksmey first began her community work in 2001 when she organized a group of secondary school children to participate in Environment Day. She went on to volunteer as a teacher and mentor for a youth group that provided social services to poor children, where she taught kids about children’s rights and dental hygiene and encouraged them to become involved in recreational games.

At the same time she was working as a part-time English teacher at a private school which allowed her to interact with young people every day. Though Raksmey loved working with children, she wanted to do more to help them. Raksmey received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting in 2004 from National University of Management in Cambodia.

In 2007, she completed her Master’s in Gender and Development Studies as the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand, where she completed her thesis on "Gender Differentiated Issues in Balancing Work and Education for Working Children in the Context of the Tourist Boom: A Case Study of Angkor Park, Siem Reap, Cambodia.” Raksmey’s areas of interest include children's education, child and youth mobility and employment, livelihood development, child labor, human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Suraj Kumar • Project Manager, India

Suraj is a Delhi native who began working with Lotus Outreach in 2005 as a member of the Social Jurists of Delhi as a part of the Right to Education Task Force (RETF). Following the success of RETF, Suraj was invited to join Lotus Outreach as Project Manager for our new Lotus Education as a Right Network (LEARN) program, which is applying the lessons learned from the highly successful RETF to the rural state of Haryana.

As RETF program manager, Suraj was responsible for surveying the conditions of Delhi schools, mobilizing local volunteers, managing a help line and coordinating with a myriad of government and municipal departments.

Suraj's previous work involved collaborating with local and international NGOs to build Children's Rights Networks as well as providing computer training to children in slums and urban villages.







           Jon Saalfield Grants Manager

Jon is a native of Massachusetts and a graduate of Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where he attained a degree in international relations. Before joining Lotus Outreach, Jon worked for four years as a marketer at small and mid-sized solar energy companies in Brooklyn and New Orleans, promoting the technology's residential applications through direct outreach and a variety of media. 


Now, working remotely from NOLA, he calls upon the global perspective of his educational background, as well as his professional communications experience, in his efforts to garner grant resources for our ongoing programs in Cambodia and India. He is honored to be engaged with vibrant and driven colleagues in their contribution to meaningful and measurable change.

Alexandra Land • Communications Manager

Alexandra Land is currently a senior at UCSC studying sociology. After spending 5 years working as a massage therapist, white water rafting guide, and traveling, she is elated to be back in school studying a subject she is passionate about. Alexandra has been involved with the Restorative Justice Program as well as Global Gardens Refugee Program, spending as much time as she can in the field gaining experience. With interests in global inequality, food security, and gender issues, she is motivated to improve lives for all humans from the local level to the global level.

As the Communications Manager at Lotus Outreach, she could not be happier working with our field directors in India and Cambodia, staying connected to our diverse network on social media, and putting together project reports.









Suraj Kumar

Project Manager India